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DNA PCR Purification - Gene Clean Protocol

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Learn how to PCR purify DNA using the gene clean protocol.

Gene Clean - PCR Purification Method

For Reaction mixes (non-gel purification):

  1. Add 5 ul of throughly mixed glass milk
  2. Add 3-4x reaction volume of NaI (for 50 ul rxn mix add, 200 ul of NaI)
  3. Incubate 7 minutes on ice, mix every 2 min.
  4. Spin 7 seconds
  5. Remove all NaI
  6. Wash pellet with "New Wash" (NW)
  7. Resuspend pellet in 300 ul of NW spin 7 seconds,
  8. Remove "NW"
  9. Repeat wash a total of 3 times
  10. Remove all NW
  11. Add small amount of 0.1X T.E.
  12. Incubate at 50oC for five minutes
  13. Spin 2 minutes to pellet glass. Supernant has DNA now.
  14. Place supernant in fresh tube.

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