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Protocol for Gene Clean

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Protocol for gene clean.

Gene Clean Background

Gene clean is a efficient and quick method for purifying DNA. In only 20 minutes you can purify your DNA!. This efficient method of cleaning the DNA allows more subsequent uses of the DNA (i.e. enzyme reactions, transformations, etc.).

Gene Clean Protocol

For Reaction mixes (non-gel purification)

  • Add 5 ul of throughly mixed glass milk
  • Add 3-4x reaction volume of NaI (for 50 ul rxn mix add, 200 ul of NaI)
  • Incubate 7 minutes on ice, mix every 2 min.
  • Spin 7 seconds
  • Remove all NaI
  • Wash pellet with "New Wash"
    --resuspend pellet in 300 ul of NW spin 7 seconds,
    --remove "NW&"
  • Repeat wash a total of 3 times
  • Remove all NW
  • Add small amount of 0.1X T.E.
  • Incubate at 50oC for five minutes
  • Spin 2 minutes to pellet glass. Supernant has DNA now.
  • Place supernant in fresh tube.