Protein Secondary Structure

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Information on protein secondary structure.

Protein Secondary Structure servers predict protein secondary and tertiary structure based on your protein sequence, and are available for researchers who have amino acid sequences for proteins of unknown structure and for which no homologous sequences are known.

You must start with your protein sequence. To obtain the sequence of your protein do the following. Visit the following link and search for the protein you are studying, if you do not have the protein sequence. Getting Started with Protein Bioinformatics

Protein Secondary Structure Bioinformatic Programs on the Net:

The PSA Protein Structure Prediction Server
GOR Secondary Structure Prediction
Chou-Fasman Secondary Structure Prediction
Chou-Fasman Secondary Structure Prediction

More Protein Secondary Structure Bioinformatic Programs at the MolecularStation Link Directory:

COILS - Prediction of coiled coil regions.

DICHROWEB - A server that supports several different algorithms for the analysis of Circular Dichroism (CD) spectra for the prediction of protein secondary structure. Results also contain a graphical comparison of calculated versus experimental results.

DisEMBL - A computational tool for prediction of disordered/unstructured regions within a protein sequence.

EVA - EValuation of Automatic protein structure prediction; provides a continuous, automated, statistical analysis of structure prediction servers. display_block('protein_structure'); ?>