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Applications of Peptides

Recently there has been an explosion of peptide utilization in all science fields, thus the growing demand for the synthesis of synthetic peptides.  Peptide have been proved to act as great probes for the study of protein-protein interactions, the binding of ligands to the extracellular domains of cell surface proteins and receptors, studying epitopes in immunology or antibody-antigen interactions, the study of inhibitory peptides on protein functions such as inhibition of cancer-inducing proteins, and enzyme-protein substrate interactions to mention a few. Also the design and application of fluorescent substrate-based peptides can be used to determine the selectivity and activity of peptidases.

Synthetic peptides can be utilized as probes in all the previously mentioned scenarios as they all involve amino acid residue interactions . Although many of these protein interactions often involve amino acid residues from distant protein domains, there are many examples where short stretches of amino acids are vital for protein-protein interactions (acting as contiguous epitopes) and thus allow the application and the use of synthetic peptides for the study of a broad range of biological phenomena.

The creation of antibodies specific for a protein is quickly done using peptides. Peptides will not fold similarly to native proteins (due to their smaller size and lack of many native residues), however they can be useful in the generation of antibodies.

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