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Oligonucleotide Properties Calculator

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Calculator for oligonucleotide properties.

Calculate the properties of a oligonucleotide.

Calculate the Length, Molecular Weight, Melting Temperture (Tm), GC content and more of an oligonucleotide

Enter Oligonucleotide Sequence Below
OD calculations are for single-stranded DNA or RNA
Nucleotide base codes

Reverse Complement Strand(5' to 3') is:

5' modification (if any) 3' modification (if any) Select molecule
        nM Primer         Measured Absorbance at 260 nanometers
        mM Salt (Na+)
Physical Constants
Melting Temperature (TM) Calculations
Length: Molecular Weight: 4 GC content: %
1 ml of a sol'n with an Absorbance of at 260 nm
is microMolar 5 and contains micrograms.
1 °C (Basic)
2 °C (Salt Adjusted)
3 °C (Nearest Neighbor)
Thermodynamic Constants
Conditions: 1 M NaCl at 25°C at pH 7.
RlnK cal/(°K*mol) deltaH Kcal/mol
deltaG Kcal/mol deltaS cal/(°K*mol)
Deprecated Hairpin/self dimerization calculations
    (Minimum base pairs required for single primer self-dimerization)
    (Minimum base pairs required for a hairpin)

Oligonucleotide Calculator - Copyright Northwestern University, 1997-2007. Citation: Kibbe WA. 'OligoCalc: an online oligonucleotide properties calculator'. (2007) - Nucleic Acids Res. 35(webserver issue): May 25. ( Abstract/Full text)

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