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At Microarrays and Gene chips Home you will find information and links on protein chips and microarrays, antibody chips and microarrays, DNA chips and microarrays. You can also visit the new Microarray Station, featuring microarray news, protocols, and bioinformatics.

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Microarray Forum Topics

Histogram of signal intensities Can anyone please explain in detail about the histogram of signal intensities (log transformed) in microarray and what can be inferred from that?

More microarray discussions and troubleshooting in the: Microarray Forum

see our article on microarrays: applications of microarrays and the future of science

Books on microarrays

DNA Microarray Bioinformatic Data Analysis Bioinformatics and Software

Free DNA Microarray Software for data analysis

Gene Ontology Microarray analysis tools

Protein Microarray protocols


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