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Immunology Theory, Protocols & Bioinformatics

At Molecular Station Immunology Home you will find information, protocols, bioinformatics, and links on Immunology



The study of Immunology deals with all aspects of the immune system in all organisms.  Effectively it is the study of a coordinated system of cells, tissues, and soluble molecules that constitute the body's defense against invasion by non-self entities, including infectious and inert agents and tumor cells.
The immune system has in summary four main tasks:
1) Recognize infection or non-self entities.
2) Once these non-entities are recognized effector functions are mobilized which in turn contain and eliminate infection.
3) Once infection is contained and eliminated than regulation of activity of these effector cells need to be regulated to avoid damage to the body.
4) Importantly non-self entities need to be remembered in case of re-exposure which will ensue a quick response from effector cells.
The immune system is broken into two systems, each having specific and important roles in the immune response:  Innate immunity and Adaptive immunity

Immunology Protocols

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Latest Research in the Field of Immunology from the Journal Immunology, PubMed:


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