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RNA FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

RNA Extraction and RNA Analysis:

1) How do I prevent degradation of RNA?

2) How do I know if my RNA was degraded?


Answers to RNA Frequently Asked Questions:

1) To prevent RNA degradation, make sure you use STERILE and autoclaved plastics. Do not re-use any containers. Always keep your RNA and samples cold, at least on ice. Use RNAse inhibitors, such as RNAsin (Promega). They are expensive, but a must in situations where there are RNAses released such as cell lysates.

2) To check if your RNA was degraded, simply run it on a gel. If you see smearing, the RNA is no good and has been degraded by RNAses. Usually you should see two high MW bands, corresponding to the 18S and 28S ribosomal RNA of the ribosome.




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