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DEPC Background

DEPC stands for DiethylenePyrocarbonate. DEPC is commonly used to inactivate RNAses. DEPC treat your water and buffers (except Tris!). DEPC buffers must be autoclaved.

Read more about this in the RNA encyclopedia article.


DEPC-Treatment of Buffers

To treat liquids (except TRIS buffers) add 0.2% of DEPC, stir/shake vigorously for 1 hr, autoclave.

DEPC-Treatment of TRIS Buffers!

For Tris buffers, make buffers up in DEPC treated water (always start with very high quality water, i.e. deionized and distilled water.)


DEPC Usage

When you are working with RNA, make sure you use DEPC treated water and baked glassware for all the steps.

Buffers in RNA isolation and purification must be Rnase free. An alternative to this is to use Milipore purified water if you are in a rush.

Rnases areeverywhere so wear gloves, use only baked glassware, or virgin plastic.


Troubleshooting DEPC and RNA Problems.

Discuss and post problems or questions about DEPC in the RNA Protocols Forum.

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