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Procedures concerned with the remedial treatment or prevention of diseases. 


Acoustic Stimulation Research

Balneology Research

Bariatrics Research

Bed Rest Research

Behavior Control Research

Biological Therapy Research

Blood Component Removal Research

Cardiac Pacing, Artificial Research

Catheterization Research

Cautery Research

Climatotherapy Research

Clinical Protocols Research

Combined Modality Therapy Research

Complementary Therapies Research

Cosmetic Techniques Research

Cryotherapy Research

Decompression Research

Directly Observed Therapy Research

Drainage Research

Drug Therapy Research

Electric Stimulation Therapy Research

Emergency Treatment Research

Exercise Movement Techniques Research

Feeding Methods Research

Fetal Therapies Research

Hemodilution Research

Hemostatic Techniques Research

Hydrotherapy Research

Hygiene Research

Hyperthermia, Induced Research

Ischemic Preconditioning Research

Laser Therapy Research

Leeching Research

Lithotripsy Research

Nutrition Therapy Research

Orthokeratologic Procedures Research

Orthopedic Procedures Research

Orthoptics Research

Patient Care Research

Patient Isolation Research

Phototherapy Research

Physical Therapy Modalities Research

Prescriptions, Non-Drug Research

Radiotherapy Research

Rehabilitation Research

Remission Induction Research

Renal Replacement Therapy Research

Reproductive Techniques Research

Respiratory Therapy Research

Retreatment Research

Rewarming Research

Self Care Research

Sorption Detoxification Research

Therapies, Investigational Research

Therapy, Computer-Assisted Research



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