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Pathologic Processes

The abnormal mechanisms and forms involved in the dysfunctions of tissues and organs. 


Adhesions Research

Ascites Research

Channelopathies Research

Chromosome Aberrations Research

Death Research

Delayed Graft Function Research

Disease Research

Disease Attributes Research

Diverticulitis Research

Emphysema Research

Fibrosis Research

Genomic Instability Research

Gliosis Research

Granulomatosis, Orofacial Research

Growth Disorders Research

Hemolysis Research

Hemorrhage Research

Hyperammonemia Research

Hyperamylasemia Research

Hyperbilirubinemia Research

Hyperplasia Research

Hyperuricemia Research

Hypovolemia Research

Inflammation Research

Intraoperative Complications Research

Ischemia Research

Leukoaraiosis Research

Lithiasis Research

Malacoplakia Research

Menstruation Disturbances Research

Metaplasia Research

Necrosis Research

Nerve Degeneration Research

Ochronosis Research

Ossification, Heterotopic Research

Postoperative Complications Research

Sclerosis Research

Shock Research

Stress Research

Ulcer Research

Yang Deficiency Research

Yin Deficiency Research

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