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[Alopecia areata]

[Alopecia areata] Research Abstract Details 

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  • [Alopecia areata] Abstract Text:

    a friedliA Friedli,m harmsM Harms,

    Alopecia areata is a frequent cause of hair loss. The origin of disease is not fully understood. However there are indications for a T-cell mediated autoimmune process. Genetic, immunologic and psychologic factors are important for the outbreak of disease. Most patients show localized patches of acute hair loss, where regrowth is observed spontaneously or with simple topical treatment within few months. In up to 15% of patients severe forms of disease can develop with total scalp (alopecia totalis) or scalp and body hair loss (alopecia universalis). There are only few known risk factors for development of a severe form. Although spontaneous remission is possible in these cases, it occurs rarely and treatment is difficult. Multifocal alopecia areata responds to intravenous high-dose corticosteroids. Topical immunotherapy with diphenylcyclopropenone (DPC) or PUVA therapy may be effective in longstanding and widespread disease. The unpredictable course of disease is a major handicap for clinical trials and treatment recommendations. Contact of patients with self-help organisations may be of help for coping with the disease.

    [Alopecia areata] Publishing Authors By Initials

    a friedliA Friedli,m harmsM Harms,

    For similar investigative techniques: epidemiologic methods: statistics as topic: probability: risk: risk factors research abstracts see: investigative techniques: epidemiologic methods: statistics as topic: probability: risk: risk factors research



    [Alopecia areata] Journal Published:

    PUBLICATION TYPE: Journal Article

    Journal: Therapeutische Umschau. Revue thérapeutique

    VOLUME: 59

    Page Numbers: 233-7

    Journal Abbreviation:

    ISSN: 0040-5930

    DAY: 12

    MONTH: May

    YEAR: 2002

    [Alopecia areata] Information

    Number of References:

    LANGUAGE: ger

    NlmUniqueID: 407224

    [Alopecia areata] Keywords Mesh Terms:

    KEYWORDS: Risk Factors

    MESH TERMS: administration & dosage

    Chemical & Substance for Abstract: [Alopecia areata] Information

    Substance Name: diphenylcyclopropenone

    Registry Number: 886-38-4

    Grant and Affiliation Information for [Alopecia areata]

    AFFILIATION: Policlinique de la Dermatologie, Hopital Cantonal Universitaire de Genève.

    Country: Switzerland

    Switzerland Research PublicationSwitzerland Research Publication




    MEDLINETA: Ther Umsch




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