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Proteomics FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions on Proteomics

Knowledge Based Questions on Proteomics:

1. What is Proteomics?

2. What is a Proteome?

Technical Questions on Proteomics:

1 What is Keratin? Why is frequently found as a contaminant?.

2. How do I avoid contamination with keratins?

3. How much protein do I need to get an Identification?

Proteomic FAQ Frequently Asked Questions - Answers:

1. Proteomics is a term which refers to the study of all the proteins expressed by a genome. Proteomics also involves the identification of these proteins in the body. Proteomics can also study the role of these proteins and their physiological and pathophysiological functions.

2. A proteome is all the proteins expressed by an organ, cell, subcellular organelle or cellular compartment, at a particular time and under specific conditions.

Technical Answers to Proteomics FAQs:

1. Keratin is a natural and abundant protein found in human particulates, such as hair and skin. It easily contaminates protein samples by falling hair and skin particles.

2. To avoid keratin contamination, wear gloves at all times when processing and loading protein samples. Loose hair should be tied back. Also, it is possible to work behind a "sneeze guard" or plastic shielding. Always make and use fresh buffers.  All trays and equipment can be rinsed with water before use. In general, try to be asclean as possible. Also, do not lean your face/body over the gel/samples. Change gloves frequently and work in a “clean” environment. Frequently wipe all surfaces and instruments with ddH2O and Ethanol, using lint-free wipes.

3. This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and there is no definitive answer. It depends on several factors. This includes what protein you are trying to identify, what type of matrix it is in, how pure the protein is, and many other factors.


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