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Protein Bioinformatics

Protein regulation, protein localization, protein motifs, protein expression, protein structure, post-translational modifications of protein, protein interactions, and protein function are important because proteins constitute the largest functioning entity inside the cell. Proteomic Bioinformatics is thecollection, organization and analysis of large amounts of proteomic data, using networks of computers and databases.

Getting Started with Protein Bioinformatics

You must start with your protein sequence. To obtain the sequence of your protein do the following. Visit the following link and search for the protein you are studying.
Once you have your sequence you may analyze your protein with the following bioinformatic programs:

Analyzing a Protein of Interest for Motifs and Domains
Protein Subcellular Localization
Protein Structure
Mutant analysis
Protein Disorder
Protein Secondary Structure
Protein Composition
Protein Functional Sites
Protein Engineering
Protein Fold Prediction
Protein Classification
Protein Families
Protein Features
Protein Visualization


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