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Protein Microarray Chip Production

Protein and Antibody Microarrays

Producing Enough Protein for Protein Microarrays


Protein Production
            A major problem for the development of proteins arrays is obtaining large sets of purified proteins for the attachment to protein chips.  Recently, the ability to generate large numbers of expression clones has allowed the large-scale biochemical analysis of protein function.  In a pioneering study, Phizicky et al used a recombination-cloning strategy to fuse 90% of yeast ORFs to GST (79).  To analyse the biochemical activities of as many proteins as possible, many research groups and companies have contributed greatly in the development of high-throughput protein production and purification methods.  The combination of recombinant proteins and affinity purification has been used to purify proteins from various host cells, including lines from Escherichia coli, yeast, insects and humans (27).



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