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Peptide Storage Handling

Peptides are quite expensive and it is wise if one reads about peptide storage and handling.

Reconstitution of Peptides

You will probably receive your peptides are air or freeze dried, fluffy pellets in serum vials.

To reconstitute the peptide one can use either distilled water or buffer solution.

If your peptide has a low solubility in water, then it may have to be dissolved in a solvent.

  • Positively charged peptides are usually dissolved in acetic acid (10%)
  • Negatively charged peptides are usually dissolved in ammonium bicarbonate solution (10%)

Other solvents used to dissolve peptides include:

  • acetonitrile
  • DMSO
  • DMF
  • Isopropanol.

Whatever you use, make sure you keep your peptide concentrated. It is quite difficult and a waste of expensive peptide to try and reconcentrate the

Use the minimal amount of these solvents, distilled purified water or buffer to make up your peptide stock solution.

Storage of Peptides

Store peptides in usually stored in the - 20°C freezer immediately after they are received.

After re-solubilization, peptides should be used immediately to avoid peptidase and protease degradation in solution. Peptide should be aliquoted if it all won't be used immediately or stored. A good idea is to aliquot it into single-use portions, and relyophilized if possible. Then store it again in the freezer.

AVOID Repeated thawing and refreezing of peptide.


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