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Dissolving Peptides

Learn how to dissolve and solubilize your dried peptide.

How Can I Dissolve My Peptide?

The answer is the difficulty and method to solubilize your peptide depends on the chemical properties of your peptides. Therefore, the solubility of a peptide will vary depending on its amino acid sequence and modifications.


There isn't a universal dissolving solution or solvent for solubilizing all lyophilized peptides.

You may have to first analyze your peptide and assess the best method for solubilization. You can then test different solvents until you find an appropriate solvent.

Selecting the best solvent for your peptide may be a “trial-and-error” process. It is also a good idea to ask your protein synthesis facility what buffer they recommend you to resolubilize the synthesized peptide.

Make sure you only use a small amount of your new peptide when trying out solvents.

Solubilizing of Peptides

Usually, the easiest and best way to dissolve a peptide is to use water. However, this may not work for all peptides. Some are tough to solubilize and dissolve in water.

NOTE: Sonification will increase the solubility of peptides in ANY solution.


Dissolving Acidic (or Negatively charged) Peptides

For an acidic peptide, you can use a small volume of basic solution. 10% ammonium bicarbonate will help dissolve peptides. Dilute with water to the desired concentration. However, make sure you do not use this method for cysteine-containing peptides.

Dissolving Basic (or Positively Charged) Peptides

For basic peptides, use a small amount of 10-30% acetic acid will help dissolve peptides., dilute with water to the desired concentration.


Dissolving Hydrophobic Peptides

For very hydrophobic peptides, you can try dissolving the peptide in a very small amount of DMSO solvent. Then later dilute with water to the desired concentration.


Conclusion for Peptide Dissolving

Whatever you use, make sure you keep your peptide concentrated. Use the minimal amount of these solvents, distilled purified water or buffer to make up your peptide stock solution.


Other common solvents used to dissolve peptides include: acetonitrile, DMF and Isopropanol.



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