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Custom Peptide Synthesis

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Custom synthesized peptides are peptides that are ordered from a company which synthesizes your peptide of interest. Common uses of custom synthesized peptides include production of antibody from an injection peptide (peptide antibody production), protein-protein interaction studies and ligand studies to name a few.


Peptide Design

Before you even choose the peptide company to order from you need to know several things.

You cannot choose any part of a protein to design a peptide for successful peptide antibody production. You need to pick areas of a protein which will be immunogenic.

Also see Peptide Design Tools

Peptide Length and Purity

Peptides of 10-15 residues in length are often used for raising antisera. Purity of peptide usually decreases the longer the peptide that is synthesized. Greater than 70% purity may be sufficient for the production and testing of antibody. Purity of more than 95% is usually needed however for biological activity studies.

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