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Autoclave Operation

Procedure for Operating the Autoclave

Material to be autoclaved is placed in a autoclavable tray. The autoclaved items must have indicator tape. It is necessary to separate liquids from solids and then autoclave separately. Importantly all lids on all bottles are adjusted to be loose. Avoid crowding large number of items on the tray, this then allows for all items to be autoclaved to reach the appropriate temperature, one must allow sufficient air/steam circulation.


1. Chamber pressure should be at 0 before opening the door- Make sure of this.

2. Items that require autoclaving should be placed on the tray and in the autoclave machine afterwards closing the door.

3. Some autoclave machines require that you also lock the door after it's closed.

4. Set time: usually set for 20 minutes.

5. Temperature should be set at 121EC already, but double-check and change if necessary.

6. Set cycle: If liquid, set "liquid cycle" or "slow exhaust". If dry, set "dry cycle" or "fast exhaust" + dry time.

7. Start the cycle. On some autoclaves, the cycle starts automatically at step 5. On others, turn to "sterilize".


1. The chamber pressure is at 0

2. . the temp is <100EC

3. Open door. (On 3rd floor autoclave, don't push end cycle)

4. Remove contents using gloves and immediately tighten all caps.

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