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Bacterium Culture

Information on Bacterium Culture and the growth of bacteria in media.

Bacterial cultures are important in molecular biology because E.Coli can grow exponentially in a very short period of time. This is used advantageously in the laboratory environment, as recombinant bacterial strains can be created with either carry DNA of interest or express a protein of interest, and thus can be grown and isolated after sufficient growth of the bacteria. This allows microgram to miligram quantities of DNA or protein to be isolated from a bacterial strain, allowing a method of quick and easy amplification of your target gene.


Growing Bacteria in Media

Bacteria are usually grown in a nutrient rich broth or media. Commonly used broths include Luria Bertani and SOC media. These media contain most of the nutrients and requirements for the exponential growth of bacteria such as E.Coli.

Volume of Broth Needed for Culturing Bacteria

The amount of volume you need to culture bacteria depends on the following factors:

  • The type of plasmid purification method: mini-prep, midi-prep, and maxi-prep (increasing volumes of bacterial broth needed)
  • The final yield of DNA or Protein you want (do you want micrograms, milligrams or grams of DNA?)

Refer to the kit protocol or manufacturer's instructions for specific volumes needed. Please refer to any manufacture’s protocols for specifics.

If you do not know the copy number of your plasmid you can usually assume your plasmid is a mid- to high copy-number plasmid, meaning that generally 50 to 500 copies of your plasmid is in each bacterium.

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