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Learn about Evolution.

Evolution Table of Contents

What is Evolution?

Biology is concerned with life phenomena of every kind and nature. Man recognizes life in the innumerable plant and animal organisms that are abundantly present in practically every niche of this earth, whether on land, sea, or air. And each of us, as a conscious human being, recognizes an inherent living principle that is linked with the surrounding world of life. Life; is known to us only in the form of completely organized units which we term individuals. Also each individual in this world of life, whether small or large, simple or complex, plant or animal, is characterized by a number of fundamental structural and functional features that serve to distinguish it from nonliving organization and also to identify it as a distinct type of living organism. This unity of design and behavior, underlying all life, is due to the fact that the building material utilized in every type of living organism consists of a basic substance, technically designated as protoplasm, which is the vehicle for all life phenomena.


The Theory of Evolution



Darwin's Theory of Evolution

Origin of the Species