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DNA Station is a portal for molecular biology, specifically DNA, and includes DNA protocols, DNA bioinformatics, DNA epigenetics, and information about DNA - deoxyribonucleicacid, the hereditary molecule.

At DNA Home you will find information and links on DNA, DNA Bioinformatics, and frequently asked questions about DNA protocols, a forum dealing with DNA, and the latest in DNA Papers and News, and DNA Kits and products.

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DNA Videos

  • videos Eukaryotic DNA Transcription Video

  • Eukaryotic DNA Transcription video. Video by Dr Nguyen Thanh Cong working at the Agricultural Genetics Institute in Hanoi VIETNAM.

    Added by: kiki06
    Tags: dna transcription eukaryotes
    Date: 2008-05-25

  • videos DNA Electroporation Ligation Video

  • DNA Electroporation with subsequent transformation of bacteria.

    Added by: domba
    Tags: electroporation dna plasmid vector transformation ligation
    Date: 2008-05-18

  • videos DNA Agarose Gel Electrophoresis First Person Video

  • 3D DNA Agarose Gel Electrophoresis in the First Person.

    Added by: domba
    Tags: dna agarose gel electrophoresis 3d
    Date: 2008-05-17

  • videos Basic DNA Structure Video

  • Basic DNA Structure. A video on the basic structure of DNA.

    Added by: oBWhat
    Tags: dna structure
    Date: 2008-05-04

  • videos Basic DNA Structure Lecture Video

  • Basic DNA Structure Lecture Video.

    Added by: oBWhat
    Tags: dna structure
    Date: 2008-05-04

  • videos Plasmid DNA Isolation Precipitation Video

  • Plasmid DNA Isolation Precipitation Video.

    Added by: kiki06
    Tags: plasmid dna isolation precipitation
    Date: 2008-05-03

  • videos Agarose DNA Gel Staining Video

  • Agarose DNA Gel Staining.

    Added by: kiki06
    Tags: agarose dna gel stain staining
    Date: 2008-05-03

  • videos Bacterial DNA Ligation Transformation Video

  • Bacterial DNA Transformation Video. Learn how to transform ligations into bacteria.

    Added by: kiki06
    Tags: bacteria dna transformation ligation
    Date: 2008-05-03

  • videos Cutting Agarose DNA Bands Video

  • Cutting bands out of gel. Cutting Agarose DNA Bands. Learn how to cut DNA bands out of agarose gels.

    Added by: kiki06
    Tags: dna agarose gel electrophoresis protocol method cut
    Date: 2008-05-03

  • videos Stem Cells DNA Repair and Longevity Video

  • Stem Cells DNA Repair and Longevity Lecture Video.

    Added by: admin
    Tags: stem cells dna repair longevity aging cell lecture
    Date: 2008-04-28

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