Buffers and Solutions

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How to make commonly used solutions and buffers.

Commonly used chemicals, solutions, and buffers for the research laboratory. Alphabetically Arranged.

Buffers Recipes: Common buffer recipes to create for research and chemistry. Buffers include: PBS, Tris, LB, TBST, solutions and media.

EDTA Stock Solution 0.5 M

0.5 M EDTA Stock Recipe (100 mL) :

  • Dissolve 16.81 g of EDTA
  • Add distilled water to 90 mL
  • Adjust pH to 7.0
  • Adjust volume to 100 mL with Water

0.5M EDTA Storage : EDTA is stable at room temperature

PBS (Phosphate Buffered Saline)

PBS Stock Recipe (1 L) :

  • Dissolve in 800 mL of Water H20:
  • 80 g of NaCl 
  • 2 g of KCl
  • 26.8 g of Na2HPO4 - 7 H20
  •  2.4 g of KH2PO4
  • Adjust pH to 7.4 with 1M HCl
  • Adjust volume to 1 L with Water

PBS Storage : PBS is stable at room temperature, or can be stored at 4 degrees C.

Uses: PBS is a buffer commonly used to wash cells or western blot membranes.

TBS  (Tris Buffered Saline)

1X TBS Recipe (1 L) :

  • Dissolve 6.05g Tris and 8.76 NaCl in 800 mL of Water.
  • Adjust pH to 7.5 with 1M HCl
  • Adjust volume to 1 L with Water.
  • TBS Storage : TBS is stable at 4 degrees C for 4 months

    TBST  (Tris Buffered Saline Tween)

    1X TBST Recipe (1 L) : 1 mL of Tween-20 in 1 L of TBS buffer

    TBST Storage : TBST is stable at 4 degrees C for 4 months

    Uses: TBST is a buffer for washing western blot membranes.

    LB Broth   ( Luria Bertani )

    LB Broth Recipe (1 L) :

    • Dissolve 10 g Bacto-tryptone
    • 5 g Bacto-yeast Extract
    • 5 grams NaCl
    • Adjust volume to 1 L with Water
    • Put in Stir Bar and dissolve
    • Autoclave

    LB Broth : LB Broth is stable at room temperature R/T for several months. If there any signs of contamination or it becomes cloudy, discard and make fresh. display_block('buffers'); ?>