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Learn about protein protein interactions in bioinformatics.

Protein- Protein Interactions Introduction

Protein-protein interactions is used in the analysis of the molecular structures of complexes which are formed by two or more proteins. Protein-protein interactions ia now a 'hot' topic of research is is currently under extensive analysis. Many proteins which remain relatively rigid upon complexation can now be successfully docked. Methods are under development to handle cases where the internal conformation of one or more of the partners changes substantially.

Protein-protein docking generally does not refer to describing the path taken by the components during complexation; the only object of docking is the final complexed state. Since the natural use of "docking" suggests guidance along a path, "protein-protein docking" may be regarded as a misnomer.

Protein microarrays and high throughput (HT) mass spectrometry (MS) can provide a snapshot of the proteins present in a biological sample. Bioinformatics is very much involved in making sense of protein microarray and HT MS data; the former approach faces similar problems as with microarrays targeted at mRNA, the latter involves the problem of matching large amounts of mass data against predicted masses from protein sequence databases, and the complicated statistical analysis of samples where multiple, but incomplete peptides from each protein are detected.


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