Monoclonal Antibody Antibodies

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Learn about monoclonal antibodies.

This is your portal for monoclonal antibodies and their production. Find background information on the mAb, troubleshooting, protocols and methods here. We also provide you with all the monoclonal antibody suppliers, and services or vendors you will need for antibody production.

Monoclonal Antibodies - Table of Contents

Monoclonal Antibody Definition

What is a monoclonal antibody (mAb)? A monoclonal antibody is an antibody of a single type producted by a B-cell clone of a single parent hybridoma cell line (that is formed from the fusion of a B-cell lymphocyte with a myeloma cell using fusion agents such as PEG) that is identical and is directed against a specific epitope. The epitope can be any antigen or antigenic determinant.

Monoclonal Antibodies - Lab Applications

Monoclonal antibodies provide the highest specificity and consistency of any antibody. They are more specific and more consistent than polyclonal antibodies. This property gives them better results usually with lower background and more consistent results are the batches are from clones.

Monoclonal antibodies are commonly used in the following laboratory methods and techniques: western blot, ELISA, FACS or cell sorting, immunohistochemistry and many other methods.

Also of note, mAb (or monoclonal antibodies) are often used as therapeutic molecules to cure diseases such as cancer due to their high specificity in targeting specific mutations and antigen binding.

Monoclonal Antibody Production

Monoclonal antibodies are made in several main ways:

1) Do you have a purified or recombinant protein of the protein you need a specific monoclonal antibody for? if YES, then you can submit this protein for custom monoclonal antibody production by mouse injection

2) if NO, then you need to create a recombinant protein OR:

3) Synthesize or create a peptide for peptide antibody production OR:

4) employ Phage Display Antibody Production

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