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Antibody Protocols

Protocols and information related to antibodies. Including: Antibody Production; Epitope Mapping-Antibodies; Handling of Antibodies; Labeling Antibodies. 

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Antibody Handling Protocols (4)

Antibody Labeling Protocols (6)

Antibody Production Protocols (12)

Epitope Mapping Antibody Protocols (2)

Submitted Antibody Protocols Articles

Immobilized Antigen Phage Antibody Selection Protocol

A protocol for the selection of Phage Antibodies using Immobilized Antigen. This method describes the selection of antibodies from bacteriophage antibody libraries that recognize a specific antigen. The phage display library of antibody-displaying phage particles is exposed to antigen attached to a solid substrate (Nunc Immuno™ tubes). The phage particles with affinity for antigen bind to the immobilized antigen and are selected from the library of phage expressing antibodies.

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Antibodies Phage Expression Protocol Using 96-well Microtiter Plates

A Phage display expression protocol for antibody expression in 96-well microtiter plates.

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