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About Us - Molecular Station

Molecular Station was started by a group of graduate students (Ph.D's and M.Sc's) and scientists. We believe there is a lack of complete and grouped informational resources on the internet for researchers in molecular biology and science in general. 

Our priority is to make Molecular Station an important resource for all researchers, a place you can find many types of information.

  Molecular Station News and Views section, is a section with editorials which is powered by a blog and will feature comments on a wide variety of topics in science. The Molecular Station Forum will be a ground for discussion of many research areas of study and a place where you can ask and find help from experts in the fields.  After all we all have asked for help and will be asking for help sometime soon. Get out and participate. Our Bioinformatics section has easily grown to be one of the largest, if not the largest on the internet. We have also added a protocols for help with protocols. Complete sections dealing with biology, botany, pcr, and western blotting for example have been added allowing you to find many types of information for just one topic.

What separates Molecular Station from all the other sites is each section has a navigation bar which quickly enables visitors to jump to any related section for that topic easily. Looking for western blot protocols and a forum? Molecular Station is here to make research and finding information easy.

Molecular Station is supported by ads and this helps us pay the server fees and costs due to purchasing our domain names and other costs.

Molecular Station has expanded to include: Antibody Station Peptide Station and Microarray Station

   Want to Help?

You may send us your protocols using the form provided below. Your Information will not be sold and you will not receive spam. We will send you an e-mail to confirm we received the protocol.  You retain all rights to the protocols and we will give credit to you as the author. If you also want to help by being an admin or a volunteer please send us your information by e-mailing us at molecular station. Please send your protocols or articles as a word document or pdf file, with your name to : webmaster@molecularstation.com . If you would like to help Molecular Station by being an admin / volunteer, please e-mail us also. It is a good way of gaining experience and also adding to your resume.


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